Research as a tool to advocate for change

Like the common saying “No data no right to speak” we believe that research is a great tool to advocate for change. We use research or research tools to gather data of facts, statistics and opinions on specific issues so as to equip our cause of action with detailed information to enable us to enforce change and be able to inform the community with rightful information. In our project, we focused on Calling the government to improve the working environment of CSOs as well as advocating for the repeal of all repressive laws guiding civic space in Tanzania. We used a survey tool to conduct evidence-based advocacy to highlight the CSOs' contribution to socio-economic development in Tanzania.

This project was implemented as a response to long-developed government-backed perceptions that CSOs are agents of imperialism and less advantageous to the community's well-being. The survey findings revealed the significant contribution of CSOs to the community which includes the provision of employment, the creation of services and economic boosting. The survey findings provided significant information used to facilitate the workshop presentations which brought together CSOs and other civic space stakeholders to discuss the CSOs' contributions to the country as well as the challenges they faced.

Julius Daniel, the project officer, presents survey findings at a workshop organized and hosted by Reach Out Tanzania.