Are there no contributions made by Civil Society organizations?

Civil Society organizations are such an important component in the development of the country from both social, political and economic perspectives. However, in recent years the position of some government individuals on CSOs is irrelevant to the actual contribution of the CSOs to the community. Reach Out Tanzania used workshops to bring together the CSOs and other stakeholders to discuss the CSOs contribution to the community and address the challenges they are facing in implementing their daily activities.

The workshops aim to address the contribution and challenges using evidence-based advocacy whereby the CSOs who took part during the workshop were able to narrate their stories of horrors as imposed by the existing laws but also to highlight CSO's major contribution to the community. The workshops become so much constructive toward this agenda as some prominent people in the field of law and civic space took up their chances to dig deep into the matter, among them were Dr Helen Kijo Bisimba a senior lawyer and former executive director of LHRC who was very instrumental to facilitate the workshops to be fruitful. 

Helen Kijo Bisimba, retired executive director of the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), explains the role of civil society organizations in a workshop organized by Reach Out Tanzania.

Panellists providing their remarks on CSO’s contribution to socio-economic development.

Participants in the workshop organized by ROT to discuss CSO’s contribution to socio-economic development

The question: ‘’Are there no contributions made by civil organizations?’’ are answered in our brief survey report on CSOs that is available here